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Having A Dog Makes You Healthier!

By Ana Falk February 12, 2017

It has been  proven that dogs give their loyalty to humans over time, assisting us in countless tangible and intangible ways and expecting very little by way of reward.  Since their domestication more than 30,000 years ago, dogs have walked along with humans in order to hunt, to protect our belongings, to serve the disabled, to rescue those in need and give us the much needed love and companionship we cherish.


From our side, we do our best to take care of their needs and improve the quality of their lifes. The human bond with dogs is unmistakable and it's no wonder that this mutually beneficial relationship has grown over the years.  


While dogs do countless services to humans, probably the most important is their unconditional love and friendship. It is scientifically proven that humans stand to gain many health benefits as pet owners. Having a dog helps us relax and keep our blood pressure at acceptable levels.  Moreover, dogs help us keep active which is super important for staying healthy.


Children who have dogs at home have better immune systems too and get sick less often than children who don't have dogs.  Seniors live longer and with a better sense of well being when they have a canine companion.                          


The saying that “a dog makes a house a home” could not be more true. Dogs take a pride in serving us in different ways. Their service to the mentally and physically challenged, their role as search-and-rescue dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs are immeasurable and more than this, the love and joy that they bring to us and our children is invaluable.

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